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Having Challenging Conversations

An inevitability of authentically living in freedom.

Lately my life is filled with challenging conversations. I used to swing like a pendulum between the two, either running for the hills in avoidance or exploding in a volcanic reaction. I’ve also used humour as a sweet distraction, steering the conversations away from me having to share what’s truly on my heart.

I’m not alone. On the pathway of committing to my authenticity through deconditioning and unravelling societies ‘should’ knots; supp

Trust Your Spiritual Gifts

Wrapped in chaos with a sweet bow of confusion on the top. Unwrapping our Spiritual gifts can feel like receiving a new set of pots and pans for Valentines Day, send them back! They might come wrapped up in chaos, with a sweet bow of confusion plopped on the top. An invitation attached to disrupt our ‘normal lives’ and walk the path less travelled, earning a few awkward silences in the places once filled with comfortable noise. They may even evoke that witch wound fear of being judged, ostracise

Grief & The Woman’s Life Cycle

"You will experience the triple Goddess — Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These phases are symbolic to, not just your own life, but life as a whole. Birth, life, and death. As women, it is important to understand you are the cycle.” Emma Mildon.

Throughout the last two years I have experienced tangible bereavement through the loss of relatives who have transitioned and relationships which have come to an end. I have also experienced grief through symbolic deaths of changing homes, geographical locations, and work. These experiences have re-triggered childhood wounds around grief and invited me me into deep moments of contemplation around the nature of grief and my relationship with it. This has illuminated for me the intimate relationship which Women have with birth, life and death. Just like the moon phases, the feminine cycles are built around the natural occurrence of beginnings, endings and the phases in between.

Why the Hurry to Heal?

Why the Hurry to Heal?

My phone is dopamine dealer, a portal to get most of what I think I want on its way to me in an instant. We have life on tap. Receiving is sometimes faster than it takes to decide if the thing we think we want is truly what we want. Instant gratification is the energetic basis for modern western culture. Navigating through this material realm from a subconscious need to consume and fill up now. Entrenched in the rush to feed our starving souls through acquiring more thing

Do You Trust Your Soul Contract?

Do You Trust Your Soul Contract?

Those people who fucked us over — we chose them. Not in the sense of we subconsciously chose and attracted them, although there is some of this too. But our souls chose them. More specifically, our souls carefully and creatively selected the methods used by these individuals to fuck us over. Our souls had a meeting before we got here and co-created this soul agreement with it being checked over and signed off by The Divine before our grand arrival on this beauti

Are You Afraid of Falling on Your Ass?

Today, I fell on my ass! Well technically it was face first, with my hands, knees and wellies swallowed by Marshland and my Daughter swinging off my back screaming. We went for a walk as we usually do but this time decided to follow a wild rabbit on a new route we hadn’t been before. I underestimated the depth of the bog- a puddle I mistakenly referred to it as. This new path had me falling on my hands and knees praying to the Mother Earth to get me out. I was actually screaming and crying of la