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"Nothing Before It's Time", said Dad.

“Nothing before it’s time”, says Dad.

An invitation to trusting in the true meaning of time. I’ve always struggled with man-made time, it always felt off for me. Either I was late, or early (late more than early). Never quite on time. I was never really able to understand the slight obsession with time. The judgements that arrive for others when people fail to arrive on time; this never really showed up for me. I always had some suspicion that perhaps something else was happening in the sneaky undercurrents, that mattered more than this rushed apologetic person arriving on our perception of what it means to be, on time.

“Drive to stay alive”, said Friend. Agreed. Yet sometimes I would find myself growing miniature ponds under my arms, my forehead shining with moisture, rushing, speeding through my life. Just to be on time. To avoid that disapproving look from other humans journeying through life, at my failure to be on time. At my being late, yet again. Or the alternative- shock on their faces, when I arrive early, before they expected me. But was it earlier than life expected me?

They (whoever they are), say Babies can never be late or early. They arrive just on time, despite the time the medical professionals have placed on their grand entrance into Earth School. I believe we’re like Babies, we can never be too early or too late.

We are always right on time.

Even when you get accused of not respecting or honouring someone elses’ time, despite us as humans utter failure to honour the Soul’s timings and appreciate Earth’s timings. We celebrate new year in the thick of winter?! Who are we to judge how someone else manages their time?

I had a 50 year old colleague with the patience of Buddha himself. But with sciatica and his 5 year old twin boys kicking his ass, too enthralled in flicking their boxers at each other than getting to school on time. All of them arriving late. He didn’t arrive to any timekeeping frowns from me but a hug and a giggle at the complexities of children (who are just so simply entertained), life, aches & pains, traffic… who needs the added constriction and expectations of being on time? Nobody.

I was always late to school, I was busy smoking, chatting, laughing, hugging someone or another. After a morning of getting my siblings ready, beautifying myself as if it was fashion show (another thing my Dad would say). Busy singing and dancing along to my music to settle the emotional turmoil that came with living in an emotionally turbulent home. Add the tag team of hormones and the horrors of teenage expectations, arriving on time was the last thing on my mind. Connection. My heart longed for exactly how I spent my time.

To my heart, I was right on time.

As I’ve grown older, on my path as a spiritual seeker delving into the mystical realms. I’ve begun to intricately understand “Nothing Before It’s Time”. As someone who has never felt on time, in the micro and macro level understanding of this concept, the wisdom in these four words feels like medicine for me. A 34 year old mortgage free single Mother, ready to move again to another new city. Still on the journey of creating the spaciousness financially, the expansiveness emotionally and physically to centre this life around being a vessel for creativity and love. Having not yet ‘arrived on time’ for the modern metrics that my Spirit literally doesn’t give a fuck about, yet my mind and body still has remnants of these conditioned messages hidden in the crevices.

Our human occasionally get’s intertwined in the weaving of the worlds illusions. Our timelines become enmeshed with the timelines of others. Our inner voices morph into the opinions and suggestions of others, from well intentioned loved ones to complete and utter strangers that left a lingering imprint in our interior world through a passing comment or conversation. When we look at our lives and where we stand in it, we begin to see through the eyes of those who don’t truly see us. All of you, all of me. How can they, unless they call in the miracle of sacred sight before their eyes roam over us, our lives?

The Soul knows. God/dess knows.

Maybe you find yourself subconsciously speeding through life.

Speeding passed your blessings.

Speeding passed your blindspots.

Speeding passed your love.

Speeding passed your growing child.

Speeding passed the outer seasons.

Trying to speed through your inner seasons, your inner stormy winters.

“Slow. The. Fuck. Down,” said Soul.

Whenever I get a virus or become unwell, even if it’s just for 24 hours. I feel like I’m in this portal of pause and it’s potent. It’s potent because it reminds me of my temporary body, this short-term let my Soul has in this physical vessel. It reminds me of everything that goes unnoticed by me. My heart that beats for me without my intentional command. My lungs in this reciprocal dance with Mother Gaia’s guardians, these gorgeous trees that absorb my exhales and make miracles for my body to still be here.

It’s potent because I am met with this crushingly, delicious and torturous intensity of love I feel for my Daughter, the life that came through my body, this portal. I’m reminded with pride and joy of God/dess trusting me enough with such a precious Soul (now I cry). I’m reminded of my Why behind my creativities, my messages, my love that I put into this world courageously. I have a moment of anchoring deeply into this instead of measuring the worthiness of this medicine based on superficial metrics the world has become so obsessed with.

I’m also reminded that sometimes we need to get locked into portals of no thing. No-thing. Sometimes we have to be stripped bare, we have to arrive into the underworld like Goddess Inanna, completely naked but armed as fuck with Love in our Heart and Spirit pulsing through our veins. We have to be stripped of distractions, of the things that actually mean no-thing. The layers of visual noise, of the worlds auditory noise peeled back so we’re left to only see and hear the noise of our own hearts again. The whispers of our Soul.

We have to be intentionally reminded we are exactly where we need to be, we are always on time. Remembering the truths we were warned we would forget before we arrived on Earth School.

That our Soul & Source co-created a plan for us.

That everything, everyone, every thought, every layer of undoing.

Every heartbreak and moment of falling in love.

Every birth and every death.

Will arrive in the perfect Divine timing. That the illusory nature of our worlds would try to convince us otherwise.

But we are right on time, always.

“Nothing before it’s time,” said Dad.