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Life Beyond Death

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”, Haruki Murakami.

Last year a number of our family members transitioned to the spiritual realm through what we humans call death. Understandably we grieve, it’s been almost 20 years since I lost a dear soul so incredibly embedded in my heart, I still cry tears of grief. We miss seeing our loved ones in their favourite places and hanging out in their homes. We miss witnessing their signature quirks which assures us there is only one of this person in this world and we get to have them in our lives. Our sensory system misses seeing, hearing, smelling and touching their uniqueness which imprints them onto our worlds. All this physical evidence our minds subconsciously gathered in their physical presence to assure us of their existence and now there’s a space of absence both in our sensory collections and in the chairs they used to sit in.

So we mistakenly believe they are gone, we yearn deeply for their physical presence. Our bodies long to receive the stimulation of their voice and the tangible evidence of their aliveness. Yet the truth is, they are far more present and alive now than they have ever been and could ever be when they were bound by the restrictions of their physical bodies. Now they get to be in our hearts, our minds, our dreams, the conversations we have with others, the music we listen to in our cars, the breeze we feel on our skin, the scents we feel as we walk into rooms or spaces. They are more here now than they could ever be when they were alive.

The Great Awakening & Spirit Guides.

I believe in what many Spiritual teachers are referring to as “The Great Awakening”, taking place right now. A huge planetary shift and evolution of human consciousness simultaneously happening to move us into a new age of existence. The old ways are no longer working, systems and structures are dying as a new Earth is being created ironically through the remembrance of the ancient ways. DNA is being activated and the walking holy trinity we are as mind, body and spirit is being recalled and harnessed by individuals across the planet. The invitation to work in harmony with Mother Gaia as our ancestors did has being heard far and wide. Many are saying ‘Yes’ to this invitation and in doing so, whether they are aware of it or not, they are simultaneously saying ‘No’ to societies expectations of who they should be, how they should live and what they should be doing with their time, money and energy.

This journey of reclamation and remembrance requires more spiritual support than ever since walking the Soul Path is no easy task and may mean we temporarily are required to walk the path alone in the physical realm. This is where our guides come in. Sometimes our loved ones are of more benefit to serving the grand design, their lineage and the planet, through working on the spiritual plane. It may be part of their Soul Contract to continue serving and supporting this huge evolutionary shift happening right now through leaving their physical bodies.

We are all a thread in this cosmic web of awakening happening on planet Earth and our souls have agreed to help in different ways but all roles are equally as important, whether that’s through being physically alive walking the path right here and now. Or whether it be through leaving as a Grandmother, Mother or Daughter and supporting loved ones spiritually and emotionally in ways we cannot fathom, to assist loved ones with navigating this huge transition.

Being Alive After Death.

This sounds super esoteric and it is in some respects so I invite you to consider a more grounded example of this. Let’s consider an artist who creates magnificent art as long as she is physically alive in her time of living in a human body. Perhaps the art doesn’t capture much attention or make much money for the artist when she is alive. However, imagine 20 years later that art is discovered by minds that now have the capacity to receive the beauty and activation through the unique message this art conveys.

The art is now displayed in galleries across the world and making an abundance of money. The artist may no longer be living in their physical body, but they are still living and alive through the vehicle of their art which is now supporting, igniting and activating many souls across the world in a way the artist was unable to prior to their death. All part of the grand plan and her soul’s path (see the article ‘Do You Trust Your Soul Contract’ for more in depth exploration into this).

Receiving Love & Support.

I know this to be true for those who transition. I continue to receive so much of my ancestors’ and loved ones’ support through the messages they share with me using many different vehicles, the main form seems to be dreams for me personally. I feel their presence and their intentional guidance to specific songs, people, books, places to convey their support and love for me always. The more I have intentionally, gently and lovingly opened to receive this guidance and support, ofcourse in a way which is protective and aligned for me and my energy. The more I have been able to walk my own soul path and live from a heart centred place with a deepened sense of trust and faith that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Even when my physical reality looks the total opposite of this, in the midst of a shit show and perhaps lacking physical human support or understanding. During the times my faith waivers and I feel unable to see in the dark, my guides come alive through offering me the light I need to walk my way home, together. They have a higher understanding of my path and the grand design itself, now they have a sight no longer limited by the constrictions of human eyes. They can support me and others from a vantage point their human existence wouldn’t have been able to since they were reading more or less from the same how-to-be-a-human instruction booklet we read from as human beings.

Final Thoughts…

I feel as we continue into this Great Awakening, we will continue to see more people transitioning from the physical to spiritual plane. I truly believe a huge part of this is because we and those coming into the world will need all the spiritual support we can get. I also envisage that articles like this will become as frequent as the mainstream media over time. For many, knowing and trusting in the spiritual realm will be as obvious as the knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow. Equally, I understand that this way of thinking is a lot for the mind to fathom and isn’t for everyone.

However, I would invite anybody reading this to consider that the loved ones we so dearly miss are here supporting and holding us in ways beyond what we can fully comprehend because it is beyond the physical laws of this reality, beyond logic and reason. Like the air around us, we may not be able to see them with the naked eye but our spirit is breathing their essence in. Our mind and bodies may not fully understand this intangible way of relating, loving and connecting but our spirit knows. When we truly surrender to the love we hold so deeply and unconditionally which transcends time and space, we can feel the truth that nothing was ever going to keep us apart. Not even death.